The Unheard

Dear citizen,

We explore the world in search of a listening ear.
We are The Unheard.
We represent the voices of the shy, the introverted, the peripheral
We want to speak to you or sing for you.
We are both a mouth and an ear.
Do you have some time for us?

Photos by Jonas Maes.
Made and developed by : CREW and K.A.K.


Let yourself be heard.

We all know the feeling of not being heard,

although clearly not all to the same extent and for different reasons. Why do YOU feel unheard?

Let us know through a recording, and we will amplify and spread your message across the planet.

Start your recording with : I feel unheard because…
Comienza tu grabación con: Me siento inaudita porque …
Begin je opname met: Ik voel me niet gehoord omdat…
…ابدأ التسجيل بـ: أشعر بأنني غير مسموع لأن
Commencez votre enregistrement avec : Je me sens pas entendu parce que…
Начните запись с: Я чувствую себя неслышным, потому что …
Qala ukuqopha kwakho nge: Ngizizwa ngingezwakali ngoba …


Wherever we go, we ask people what music they listen to in order to lift their spirits. We collect these songs in a playlist that you can listen to on the link below. Feel free to add songs that give you strength and hope in life, cause like some famous dead man used to say : “Without music, life would be a mistake.”

Click the playlist below, or click here to add songs to our playlist on YouTube.

Photos by Jonas Maes.