K.A.K. during IETM

24/11/2017 – 17:30-20:00

During IETM, K.A.K. (Koekelbergse Alliantie van Knutselaars) is very happy to invite you to the first INTERNATIONAL SAFARI/DINNER

a concept we will within a few weeks work further on in Buenos Aires, in Club Matienzo.


You will : EAT ; TALK ; MEET US and EXPERIENCE A UNIQUE Safari in an unusual jungle.


On Friday the 24th of November. We’ll start at 17.30.

In order to know how many crocodiles we should catch for dinner, we would like to ask you to make a reservation.
Please send an e-mail to: karlien@k-a-k.be.
In one of the most mysterious empty building of Brussels – Biestenbroek in Anderlecht.
Veeweydestraat 102-104, 1070 Anderlecht
Metro 5 or tram 81 : STOP St Guidon

And for those who want to learn more about us and about the HEYVAERTS’DISTRICT (between Molenbeek and Anderlecht), we also invite you to a guided tour on Saturday, from 10 to 13.

PRODUCTION : K.A.K. vzw. COPRODUCTION : d e t h e a t e r m a k e r & Kunstenwerkplaats De Pianofabriek. With the support of : de Vlaamse Gemeenschapscommissie ; Gemeente Molenbeek (wijkcontract). Thanks to : Toestand vzw and Collecactif.